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2024 is the most Amazing Year!

Pluto moves into Aquarius, Jupiter aligns with Uranus in Taurus in April, then Jupiter moves into Gemini in late May. That’s a big shift of energy from Earth signs- Capricorn and Taurus – into the air signs of Aquarius and Gemini. Plus the Eclipses are now happening in Aries and Libra-the relationship axis.

Best report for May while Venus moves through her own sign of Taurus is The Goddess Report.

The mystery and power of 12 Goddesses

For the first time these 12 goddesses are revealed in this 45-page ground-breaking Goddess report helping you to discover your true potential. There are only 3 feminine planets- the Moon and Venus and now Ceres – and as every woman knows we are far more complex than that!

Never before have these archetypes been explored in the astrological birth chart!

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