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Pam offers a selection of excellent Western Astrology reports

Choose one as an ideal gift – they’re easy to read for non astrologers.

Pam has chosen these reports with care. She respects the work of the authors and wholeheartedly recommends them as an adjunct to a personal consultation.

Give yourself a gift you will treasure for ever, it’s a great first step to better understand yourself.

They also make ideal presents for a friend who has everything!

Special Offer: Your 3 Personal Astrology Reports for 2024

The  3 Personal Astrology 2024 Reports are worth £55 if bought separately. These reports are based on your date, time and place of birth. They will be calculated from January 1st 2024- December 31st 2024
NB. They are both calculated for the same person. 

If you don’t know your birth time then you need to buy the Uncertain Birth Time consultation.

2024 is the most Amazing Year!

Pluto moves into Aquarius, Jupiter aligns with Uranus in Taurus in April, then Jupiter moves into Gemini in late May. That’s a big shift of energy from Earth signs- Capricorn and Taurus – into the air signs of Aquarius and Gemini. Plus the Eclipses are now happening in Aries and Libra-the relationship axis.

Find out more with this Special Offer based on your personal birth chart.

NEW! Relocation and Astro-Cartography.

Location, Location, Location

Since 1976, when the now-standard  Astro*Carto*Graphy* technique was introduced, wide acceptance by both the astrological community and the public has validated it.

“A relocation chart is simply an ordinary natal horoscope moved to a different location. It’s a chart cast for the same cosmic instant of birth, but looked at from another location, as if the birth happened there. The planets’ sign positions all remain the same, but they will appear in different houses at different locations, thus altering their strengths and areas of influence.”