Soul Astrology Consultation


A Soul Astrology consultation with Pam is a life enhancing and healing experience.

Having your birth chart interpreted is part of your journey of self awareness, of remembering your soul’s purpose.

A Soul Astrology Consultation looks at your birth patterns, your strengths and weaknesses and tells you what’s going on now. There is also an option for a healing process if appropriate.

The fee is for a 90 minute consultation is £108. It is recorded in video via Zoom and includes the Solar Writer Report worth £20 and your Vedic chart.

Pam CarruthersA Soul Astrology Consultation looks at your birth patterns, identifies your purpose, your strengths and weaknesses and tells you what’s going on now. There is also an option for a healing process if appropriate.

Pam works in person or online with Zoom. Zoom is free for you to use, and it has extra benefits as Pam can record the consultation in video.

The fee for the consultation of 90 minutes is £108. It includes the Solar Writer Report worth £20 and your Vedic chart.

For easy payment with your credit card please use this secure service with Stripe.

After paying you will be redirected to a page where you enter your birth data- date, time and place. Pam will then email you to arrange your consultation. The consultation is recorded and an email sent with the link for you to download the MP4 video file to play on your computer or ipad.

Please note that if you need to re-arrange your consultation Pam needs 24 hours notice.

 Latest Testimonial

I was so delighted when this popped into my mailbox from a satisfied client!

“I have had 2 consultations with Pam and have signed up for a series of 6 more.

Her knowledge and communication skills are incredible! The clarity I’m gaining on personal tendencies and patterns is allowing me the ability to forgive myself for past behaviour as well as make more conscious choices as I move forward.

In our second session, I received an unexpected surprise in the way of a healing after we discovered an ancestral curse that had passed through multitudes of generations.

It was nothing short of miraculous and the immediate transformation was life changing.

I am excited to have signed up for a series of 6 more coaching sessions with Pam as a result of that experience and cannot express my gratitude for the opportunities that lie before me.

I highly recommend Pam if you are seeking deeper understanding of yourself and relationships!” CP

Further Testimonials

“I have had quite a few astrology readings over the years, but without any doubt, Pam’s was the best. She is very knowledgeable and experienced, and also has a lovely calm reassuring manner. If you are thinking of getting a reading, I would definitely choose Pam as you won’t be disappointed! Highly recommended. Thank you, Pam!” Rachel

“Thanks for your amazing consultation.
I feel my energy released and feel healing already taking place within me. I really love the way you work – you have fired me up and I feel filled with enthusiasm, energy and life today.” Julia

“Thank you, I have been thinking how grateful I am, how useful the reading was. I also appreciate simply being seen, I felt a deep understanding and care from you and that’s balm for my soul. I had a really strong feeling when I was with you that your wisdom was really important for me to pay attention to.” Anne C

“Your work has helped me a lot and I look forward to seeing you again. I feel a shift has started and I am ready for the work that is set up for me to do, to make this shift a permanent one. Thank you so much for your love, help and compassion. You have been very good to me. Be blessed”. Joan

“Thank you for the magnificently supportive, astounding reading today. It really makes a difference to have the Vedic perspective included. Your insights are brilliant, and the approach is stellar, and very helpful, with the balanced blend of psychology, astrologies, and intuitive card reading to expand and explore regions that the subconscious doesn’t bring forth easily.

I’ve never had such a useful astrology reading before, though I’ve had both Vedic and Western readings; combining them gives a more accurate appraisal.” AW

“I’ve had several astrological consultations, but none compared to my extraordinary reading with Pam Carruthers. She’s nothing short of a brilliant astrological detective.

By applying both Western and Vedic principles she discovered clues in my chart that led to profound insight into mysteries in my life – all delivered with skill and artistry corresponding to my level of knowledge.

It was a breathtaking experience.

I would recommend her to both beginners and experienced practitioners without hesitation.” Letty